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AlleyOOP Trampolines
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built for life.
there's no trampoline
like an AlleyOOP.
AlleyOOP by JumpSport

Portland Trampolines proudly offers the safest trampoline on the market.

Technology Behind the Bounce.
Why have we chosen the AlleyOOP trampoline line by JumpSport? These trampolines have the most advanced performance and safety features of any trampoline on the market. Higher-quality steel allows for softer springs, resulting in a smoother, higher rebound spread out over greater distances.

AlleyOOP trampolines offer 3 unique bounce technologies: The VariableBounce systems have a unique spring configuration, increasing safety and reducing the risk of injury. The DoubleBounce trampolines are equipped with longer and more springs and offer a unique double-mat system that increases bounce even further. Finally, the ultimate PowerBounce trampolines offer an even higher weight rating and more strength and include AlleyOOP's exclusive PowerArms, PowerHooks and PowerSprings.
Family-Owned & -Operated.
We realized when we founded our family business in Portland, Oregon, in 1990 that providing our customers the perfect trampoline meant we would need to find a manufacturer as committed to both safety and quality as we were. We found this company in JumpSport, also family-owned in the United States.

It was immediately clear to us that their commitment to safety, quality and customer satisfaction was second to no other. From industry-leading lifetime product warranties to excellent customer service and support, we were confident the AlleyOOP brand by JumpSport was certainly a product worthy of offering our own customers. Portland Trampolines absolutely has the perfect trampoline for your family, and we can't wait to show you personally in our Portland showroom.